small apartment patio ideas

Apartment patio ideas are important thing when you have an apartment. Yes, although if you have an apartment with small room in it, you can even decorate your apartment patio to look beautiful. It is nice when you have nice apartment patio in your apartment so you can enjoy your day in your apartment patio. […]

covered patio ideas wood

Covered patio ideas – are sometimes confusing to discuss and decide. You might feel difficult to deal with it, remembering covered patio is a kind of extra room for your outdoor space. We may call it semi indoor and outdoor part where you can take time for pleasure and relaxation. Like the name stated, it […]

shade ideas for small patio

Patio shade ideas – are better choice to make your veranda in your house look fancy. Your veranda does not have to be soaked by sun and sometimes it is nice to enjoy in your patio shade. If you want to bring shade into outside your house, you can build patio shade in your veranda. […]

curved concrete patio ideas

Concrete patio ideas are always looked for by all Americans and mostly modern people in the world. Concrete patio becomes the simplest patio ever for the maintenance and daily care. Patio is an area outside the house, which is usually used as outdoor dinner, barbeque or any gatherings. Inserting patio in your house plan is […]