baby girl room color ideas

Baby girl nursery ideas are the ideas to design suitable bedroom for baby girl. A baby is little angel that is sent by God to complete our happiness as parents. Therefore to welcome a baby girl, we should be prepared a special bedroom for her before she born. It can be a gift for her […]

unfinished basement color ideas

Basement color ideas can make basement room colorful and charming. Some house has basement room inside. As we know that, basement room need a bright enough lighting and paint color should be a bright color in order to make the basement room cozy to use. Bright color such as grass green, young brown or pastel […]

wall ideas for a basement

Basement wall ideas with the chosen paint colors can be the additional beautiful look in your basement, although you use the basement for rooms, storeroom, or even unused basement. You should make every part in your house will work very well as well as the basement itself. You should use the basement as well for […]

pallet ideas to sell

Pallet Ideas is art interior design that reused goods for house furniture design. Reused goods still have function and have its own artistic side if we able to transform it become useful things. It is easy to make. You just need to clean it and remake it by combining various colors on it, such as […]

indoor corner fireplace ideas

Corner fireplace ideas are not common but it still can be great room decoration. Generally, fireplace is built as the focal point of the room that is located on the center of the wall with some other decorations around it. However, you can try another idea that is put it on the corner of your […]

planter ideas on pinterest

Planter ideas are decoration designs with various colorful flowers. Most of people loves flower because of its beauty and romantic impression. Therefore, there are many decoration expert offers various design for planter garden and greenhouse. Those places are the right place to make our home more colorful by planter design. House garden and greenhouse can […]

spice storage ideas uk

Spice storage ideas are so useful for you to tidy up your kitchen. You might find your kitchen in a messy condition, unorganized, and unclean. Take a look at your spice bottles or jars, they might be spread everywhere. This is a problem for you. It is the time for you to give a little […]

small attic loft design ideas

Loft design ideas are house design ideas with loft atmosphere in a home. This design can be applied in any room such as bathroom, bedroom, guestroom, living room or even in a closet. This design basically come from an idea to make a home same with loft in barn or industrial site to your home. […]

small basement ideas pictures

Small basement ideas might be something that many people want to have. However, the limited budget often becomes a problem that you need to face. If you really want to turn your basement into something nice but you have the considerably limited budget, then you might want to try these tips below.  Minimalist Small Basement […]

unique cheap backsplash ideas

Cheap backsplash ideas will give you many inspirations to make your kitchen look more attractive. Backsplash is usually applied to keep the wall from blemish of oil or the water splash from the kitchen sink. Moreover, if you choose a nice design for the backsplash, it really can enhance your kitchen décor. However, there are […]