modern bedroom light fixtures

Bedroom light fixtures must be put in the bedroom before you use the bedroom to sleep. Why is that so? It is because your room is not called the bedroom if you are not yet buy the lamp. Lamp is the light that can indicate there is inhabitant in one place. With the light, you […]

hippy bedroom

Hippie bedroom is the best bedroom concept for you a hippie. Being hippie is cool. Hippie always related to the freedom of soul and you can express what you really feel. Loving the anti-mainstream thing and have the different style is a must. You can also make your bedroom design different with the others and […]

zebra themed bedroom ideas

Zebra bedroom ideas are usually chosen by the women either teenagers or adults. It looks very feminine especially when it is combined with girly colors like pink and purple. The first idea to create a comfortable zebra bedroom is by applying zebra motif for the bedding cover that includes pillowcases, sheets and blankets. Actually, you […]

sleigh bedroom sets queen

Sleigh bedroom sets have the unique and classy design. As the name implies, it has a design resembling a sled. It is one of the properties to the classical concept design. It is usually placed in bedroom with a classic wood shades. People like the idea of ​​this bedroom because it is able to present […]

teenage girls bedrooms

Teenage girl bedrooms are often dominated by the color of pink and lilac. This corresponds to the feminine and gentle character of the girls. Your room will look more elegant if you do not apply too much mix of colors in the decoration. Teen girls need the sweet yet playful decoration. To re-decorating project, changing […]

bedroom benches storage

Bedroom storage bench can be chosen for you if you want to make your bedroom to be more organized. There are so many things you can get for your bedroom. In this case, decorating your bedroom with beautiful things will make it to be looked beautiful. But, if you can decorate your bedroom to be […]

storage benches for bedroom

Bedroom benches are unique furniture in the bedroom. The model is a little bench usually long and lower than the bedroom. However, the bench is not that you usually used while you find it in the garden. Maybe the design is same but the one that differentiate it is because this bench used sofa. The […]

small crystal chandeliers for bedrooms

Chandeliers for bedrooms will make your bedroom atmosphere become more comfortable. In addition to comfort, the presence of the beautiful chandelier will make your room look more impressive luxury and romantic. Chandelier is usually had a charming design and beautiful colors. That is why; this kind of light will make the room look more attractive. […]

boho style bedroom

Boho bedroom is getting famous nowadays. Boho is a kind of vintage fashion style that firstly famous in 60s, and it got famous again in 2005, after Sienna Miller was wearing boho clothes in Glastonbury Festival in 2004. Then, boho style is being an icon of hippies. Bohemian lovers keep increasing. Moreover, bedroom with boho […]

pirate themed bedroom ideas

  Pirate bedroom is not a bad idea if you want to load something into your kid bedroom that not only looks good to accentuate his room, but also can cater fascinating imagination to your kid to start his own adventure in his imagination world. Yes, on those action movies pirate is described as bad […]