yellow bathroom accessories

Yellow bathroom accessories are the accessories that are special for the bathroom. It is because you only choose yellow as the color for the accessories. The bathroom that has yellow theme or it has yellow accessories is indicate your personality who loves yellow color. Because there are some yellow accessories to put in the bathroom, […]

purple camo bathroom sets

Camo bathroom sets is more than unique style that is applied in the bathroom. Camo is great idea that now is popular, too to put in the bathroom. Nowadays, there are many good and great designs, and unique that is applied as a design in the bathroom. One of it is this Camo style. Camo […]

peacock themed bathroom accessories

Peacock bathroom accessories – are the unique things that still rare in everywhere. You should carefully to find this accessory. Because of this accessory is too rare, so you should order it to get the best things for your bathroom. With order the accessories you can get the best materials and design as you want. […]

alfi farmhouse bathroom sink

Farmhouse Bathroom Sink – is the sink which is used for the farmhouse. Farmhouse here means that this is not the real farmhouse. However, it maybe means that this is the house that has farmhouse theme. Farmhouse theme is identic with the white color. Besides that, in the sides of the house there will be […]

oval bathroom mirrors with medicine cabinet

Oval Bathroom Mirrors – is identic with traditional design. What does it means? It means that usually, traditional design use the oval mirror for the bathroom. It can be seen from the traditional design in museum for example. However, what makes the traditional and modern design different is from the modern is the material used […]

shabby chic bathrooms

Shabby chic bathrooms – are so hit in these recent days. In bathrooms, we see enough classic and modern designs, and seem that it is time to something that is more shabby and chic. Bathrooms with shabby chic decorations appeal anyone and turn everyone’ head, no matter their design preference was once modern or classic. […]

bathroom mirrors contemporary design

Bathroom mirrors contemporary – are the excellent decoration and a beauty accessorize. The pleasure of the bathroom is not only seen by its function but also its beauty. There are several themes that and be applied in your bathroom; natural, traditional, modern and contemporary. Contemporary style offers simple and open design and tries to reduce […]

western themed bathroom sets

Western bathroom sets – might be your option for the bathroom sets you would like to have in the bathroom. Western is identical with something oldies and vintage. There is several color that can be used for the western type of bathroom sets. They could be blue, and then beige, brown, grey, red. It is like […]