vintage tile bathroom

You might apply the vintage bathroom tile in your beloved bathroom. It will support your bathroom to be more awesome. You can combine the vintage tile with the other design of your bathroom. Did you know? If you combine the vintage tile with the right design, it will create an elegant nuance in your bathroom. […]

zebra print bathroom sets

Zebra bathroom set is a setting on the bathroom because sometimes you feel bored with the design on your bathroom. You go to the bathroom almost every day but what you always see is the design that is never change. It is better now if you change your bathroom. Changing your bathroom hope that it […]

odessa teak bathroom furniture

Teak bathroom furniture is popular nowadays. Made of teak furniture have been used by people since many years ago. It has been used for any household needs or any other needs. Teak material is believed have a strong and best quality which has a long lasting time to stay in a good condition. House architecture […]

rustic wrought iron bathroom accessories

Rustic bathroom accessories are identically with wooden materials. With wood you can make a rustic sense on your bathroom. There are the advantages and disadvantages that you can feel on your bathroom. You will feel the advantages if you can arrange and choose the suitable materials on it. However, you can feel the disadvantages if […]

wainscoting backsplash bathroom

Bathroom Wainscoting is the best one to be used in your bathroom. What does it means? It means that you need something to cover your wall. Usually wall is easy to be broken when it is in the bathroom. It means that wall is easy to be broken because the wall in the bathroom is […]

cottage vanities for bathroom

Cottage bathroom vanities are the important stuffs in our bathrooms because these stuffs have many functions. First, it is a place for the wastage. Second, the model that is like cupboard can for the place of bathroom stuffs such as the towel, soap and so on. If you are interested in having this cottage vanity, […]

vintage style bathroom sinks

Do you want to beautify your bathroom with vintage bathroom sinks? It will be a great idea for you that will make your bathroom look so amazing and beautiful. You can choose the best vintage sinks for your bathroom in many stores. You can get the vintage sinks easily because many people have been looking […]

full bathroom sets

Complete Bathroom Sets are the set of bathroom equipment. What make it different? The difference comes from the motif. What does it means? It means that the motif is the same. If you buy bathroom equipment one by one, you do not get the same motif. However, if you buy the bathroom equipment in a […]

vintage enamel bathroom accessories

Vintage bathroom accessories are applying the accessories from the bathroom and it makes your bathroom to be more chic, seem shabby because you use vintage style. In this modern era, people also make their home or include in their home there is bathroom and they also make the bathroom with vintage style designed in their […]

modern bathroom mirrors

Modern bathroom mirror has been developed rapidly for years. As the core of the house, bathroom modern design gives priority to practicability and openness. There are so many basic materials that can be applied in the floor or wall in your bathroom like stone, wood, or even mirror. Recently, the use of bathroom mirror model […]