framing a bathroom mirror ideas

Bathroom mirror ideas – can be your great ideas to have one or more mirrors with the modern design in your bathroom. The existence mirror in the bathroom is a must. However, bathroom is a place for you where you beautify and enjoy yourself on bathing activities and will need the mirror to help your […]

tiny half bathroom ideas

Half bathroom ideas might not be as popular as the main bathroom. However, it is actually the important part of your house. Commonly, half bathroom is designed near the living room so your guests can access it easily. Half bathroom is a bathroom which is consisted of washbasin and toilet only. It is not like […]

choosing bathroom paint colors ideas

Bathroom paint colorsĀ – ideas can give enjoyable experience while bathing. Psychologically, color can influence people emotion that relates with happiness, peaceful, sadness, or romantic felling. Bathroom paint colors design is unique design. It combines two or three colors and mix it in the wall or furniture. Bright and fresh color such as yellow, white, blue […]

tile bathroom countertop ideas

Bathroom countertop ideasĀ – will really help you to remodel or make over your bathroom. Although countertop is just a side element in your bathroom, its presence really provides different ambience based on the characteristics it brings. Bathroom countertop with variant ideas at the time being is easy to find. Magazines and market speak about this […]