vintage style bathroom light fixtures

Vintage bathroom fixtures – are appropriate fixture because you have vintage style in the bathroom. You create the vintage design but the vintage is not stop in the design of the bathroom. You also put the vintage accessories in the bathroom. It is also dramatic if all the fixtures in your bathroom are all in […]

red bathroom towels and rugs

Red bathroom rugs – are suitable for your bathroom. Is is caused by this red rug will add the elegance of your bathroom. If you put the red rug in your bathroom, you will feel that your bathroom is full of luxury. Besides, this red rug will not look dirty easily so that you will […]

purple and cream bathroom decor

Purple bathroom decor – has already been employed for attractive look. It is believed that you use a bathroom every day. A bathroom becomes one of important room of your house, anyway. With such a bathroom, you can make your body refresh. Besides that, it will become the storage of your accessories for bathing as […]

black double sink bathroom vanities

Black bathroom sink – is an elegant design for bathroom. To make an elegant and sturdy sink, you should need iron for the best materials. There are varieties of model sink that can you use on your bathroom. To get the dream sink, you can order to the person who has skill to make the […]

owl bathroom set at target

Owl bathroom decor – will absolutely cheer your bathroom up. If you are a person who love casual things, then this idea will fit on you. Many people often think that decorating bathroom is something wasting time and energy. They might also think that having beautiful things on bathroom will not affect anything. You should […]

making a floating bathroom vanity

Floating Bathroom Vanity – is the vanity which has the shape like floating. What does it means? It means that this vanity has the shape like a mountain. However, the mountain is different. What make the mountain is different? The mountain does not like a mountain. But it looks like a reverse mountain. This make […]

pink and black paris bathroom decor

Paris bathroom decor – is one you will like; especially if you are one believe in fashion and style. We know Paris has been and will always be one of the centres for fashion industries. Following that images, anything about Paris are not so Parisian if they are not including style and fashion, even in […]

vintage wall mount bathroom faucets

Vintage bathroom faucets – come with great design. A bathroom is usually completed with the sink. Then, beside a mirror, another decorative point on the sink is about the faucet design. Faucet give you not only practical value, but also aesthetic look. So, it is important to choose a fine design for the faucet to […]

vintage shabby chic bathroom decor

Vintage bathroom decor – can create a nice look. It is believed that everyone wants to have a good decor for all of their rooms. One of these rooms might be including a bathroom. In addition, if you have a nice bathroom, of course, you will have an enjoyable taking a bath as well. From […]

wallpaper borders in bathroom

Bathroom wallpaper borders – are available in various designs. You can use it to upgrade your bathroom decor. Like the other rooms, bathroom is also needed to decorate with nice interior design. Instead, it is important to give your bathroom fine decor, because you need to be comfortable when you use this room. If your […]