nautical bathroom decor diy

Nautical bathroom decor is a unique decor because this decor combines two different things. The first, there is a bathroom, a place for bathing. The second one is the ship. By combining those two things, you will find a new decor in your bathroom so that you will not be bored with your ordinary bathroom. […]

beach themed bathroom accessories

Beach themed bathrooms are the models of the interior of your bathrooms. If you want to have an atmosphere of beach, you can choose this model. By designing your bathroom like a beach, you will find a new experience of beach atmosphere when you are in your bathroom. How to design interesting beach themed bathrooms? […]

undercounter bathroom organizer

Bathroom counter organizer is really good to make your bathroom neat and organized. A countertop is usually put in a bathroom as a space for placing some stuff. You can put the sponge, razor, tooth brush, any many other things. Then, those a lot of stuffs must be put in one container in order not […]

bathroom vanities vintage sink

Vintage bathroom vanity is such a treasure in your bathroom.  When it comes to bathroom, some of us prefer to classic style while some others prefer the modern one. Magically, vintage vanity can fit both to the modern and classic style in bathroom. Even many associated vintage vanity with classic bathroom designs, placing one in […]

nautical themed bathrooms

Nautical themed bathroom gives relax sense to your bathroom, especially if you are one sea and beach lovers. There are many reasons why people love to be at sea and beach. It offers beauty not only in the look, but also trough the sounds. People love the view of the sea, cool winds that blow […]

rustic cabin bathroom decor

Cabin bathroom decor is identically with small room. With small bathroom, you can make it comfortable while you take a bath or relaxing your body. Although you have a small bathroom, you still can get comfortable sense if you can arrange it as cozy as dream bathroom. You can use wood to make a comfortable […]

pirate themed bathroom decor

Pirate bathroom is an interesting bathroom for your children. Pirate is identically with scared situation, but now you can make a pirate theme as a fun theme. With colorful pirate theme your child can be fun to take a bath. They will clean their body without force from the parents. You can choose colorful accessories […]

fish bathroom decor ideas

Do you want to apply the fish bathroom decor for your kids’ bathroom? It will be brilliant idea for your kids. You may invite your kids to involve them in your project to make their bathroom lovelier than before. You might to let them use their creativity to design their own bathroom. However, this fish […]

little boy bathroom ideas

Boys bathroom ideas – are make the bathroom, which is special made to use by your boys. The bathroom is boys alike and is so different with your bathroom. Your boys often afraid even you have made them a bedroom include the bathroom inside; they cannot go to the bathroom alone. They ask you to […]

zen bathroom decorating ideas

Zen bathroom ideas – are wonderful. This idea will lead you to have a beautiful bathroom that has a Zen atmosphere. Here, you will find the atmosphere of zen garden in your bathroom. If you choose this bathroom, you must be like in the garden everyday when you enter the bathroom. How to get wonderful […]